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Reviewing Recent Experiences of Assessing Effects & Impacts of COVID-19 

Dr. Ricardo Zapata-Marti (UNDP) 13 April 2021 Click here


Dr. Ricardo Zapata-Marti (UNDP) 15 April 2021 Click here

Characteristics and predictability of heatwaves in the Sahel

Mr Kiswendsida Guigma (SUSSEX) 22 April 2021 Click here

UNESCO's multi-disciplinary approach on disaster risk reduction

Dr Soichiro Yasukawa (UNESCO) 06 May 2021 Click here

Strengthening Disaster Prevention Approaches in Eastern Africa

Mr Samuel Partey (UNESCO)

03 June 2021 Click here

African Indigenous Perspectives on Disaster Risk Climate Change Nexus

Mr. Gatkuoth Kai (African Union)

10 June 2021 Click here


Indigenous Knowledge in Earthquake Risk Reduction to Protect the Casbah of Algiers, Algeria

Prof Djillali Benouar (USTHB) 12 August 2021 Click here


Strengthening the Resilience of conflict-Affected Women and their Leadership in Humanitarian Action, Peace Process and Socio-Economic Recovery

Blessing Iyala 30 Sept 2022 Click here


Conceptual and Analytical approaches to classifying severity of food insecurity: Lessons from the IPC experience

Leila Oliveira 28 Oct 2022 Click here


Investigating Ecological Engineering to Mitigate Eutrophication in the flooding Zone of the River 

Dr Norbert Tchouaffe Tchiadjie 4 Nov 2022 Click here

Re-inventing Disaster Studies: Four challenges for more meaningful future


Prof JC Gaillard 3 March 2022 Click here

FORM FOLLOWS FAILURE: The impact of failures form Disaster in architecture and Urban design 


Prof Ian Davis 17 March 2022 Click here